UK Rocketry Research, Training and Teaching

The Universities of Glasgow, Kingston, Sheffield and Cranfield University have agreed to develop a proposal for a distributed research, training, and teaching activity in the field of rocket propulsion.

We want to transform the skills pipeline leading to UK rocket launch activity.


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Our Principles

We aim to build interest in our shared vision for a Rocketry Research, Training, and Teaching Hub (R2T2).

We are ambitious for the UK’s future as a regular launching state, and believe these ambitions would be best served by the establishment of a Hub.

The Hub should have both academic and skills-based elements. Where possible, this project should be aligned, sponsored, or co-supervised by an industrial partner.

We aim for the taught and research elements to lead to professional Engineering Council registration alongside doctoral training activity.

The taught and research elements should be supported by skills-based training, according to the specialisation of the individual.

Students should have an opportunity to participate in practical aspects of rocket engine and vehicle testing and operations, through the academic partners’ rocketry societies.

The students should have an opportunity to spend time in industry, through the industrial partners’ placement opportunities.

The Hub should seek to train at least 10 rocket engineers, with a PhD, professional registration, and practical skills, per year, over the next ten years.

The academic partners intend to host students for the purposes of completing their higher degrees, and to support knowledge transfer.

The industrial partners aim to offer aligned, sponsored, or co-supervised projects, and to support research grant applications.

The Hub should support appropriate space launch legislation/regulations and best practise in license submissions for large launches. 

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